Memory care in Catoosa
Mother and daughter at Canoe Brook Assisted Living & Memory Care

The Canoe Brook Approach

At Canoe Brook at Catoosa, we incorporate the following beliefs and goals into our service approach.

  • People with dementia are able to experience joy, comfort, meaning an growth in their daily lives.
  • Each person with dementia is unique, having a different makeup of abilities and need for support, which changes over time as the disease progresses.
  • Good dementia care involves using information about the resident to develop "person-centered" strategies and approaches to add quality of life and lessen anxiety.
  • Successful services revolve around staff adjusting to the resident, rather than having the resident adjust to staff.

Memory Care at Canoe Brook – Catoosa Assisted Living & Memory Care

Canoe Brook at Catoosa offers a secure neighborhood, specially designed for residents diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia. Residents enjoy a private secured courtyard and specialized life engagement activities created for their specific interests and needs. Our dedicated memory care team works diligently to provide daily cognitive activities and programming to keep residents' bodies and minds active and engaged.

Canoe Brook Assisted Living & Memory Care


20102 E. Admiral Place Catoosa, OK 74015